Water Acid Neutralizer System

As your business or home’s well water makes its way through the ground, natural deposits from occurrences such as photosynthesis are picked up, lowering its pH levels. When your water’s pH levels are low, you could experience problems like staining, corroded pipes, and bad tastes in your water. Water acid neutralizers can neutralize your water’s acid to prevent problems and provide great tasting water. Call the TMM HVAC Service experts today at (346) 444-3690 to discuss all of your water neutralizer acid system in the Houston, TX area.

Your Water Acid Neutralizer Options

Water Acid Neutralizer System

We Offer Two Options for a Water Acid Neutralizer System.

Through environmental processes that happen naturally, your well water can be full of acids that seep through the soil. As water becomes more acidic because of natural alkaline and other elements, it leads to issues in your home or business like corroded pipes, sour tastes, and stains. High acidity issues are caused by too much alkaline and other natural elements in your water and can be prevented by using water acid neutralizers. These systems are available in two styles, calcite and proportional, both of which can protect against the particles that cause low pH in your water. Call us to find out about your options and identify the best water acid neutralizer system for your Houston, TX home or business.

Calcite Water Acid Neutralizers

The calcite neutralizer system is the most common style of water neutralizer and works with a calcium carbonate compound to provide pH balance to your water. Though these systems are the most affordable style, they need regular backwashing to prevent buildup and breakdown. Since calcite-water neutralizers use calcium, they can contribute to hard water issues and require the addition of a water softener.

Proportional Water Neutralizer Systems

While these types of systems are more expensive than calcite styles, they deliver superior pH balance by using injectors and ash instead of calcium, which can contribute to hard water. This system doesn’t need backwashing, but it does require regular maintenance of the injectors, valves, sensors, and mixing tank.

Have less acidic water in your home. Our technicians will provide the choices and water treatment services you need to get less acidic water in your home. Call the TMM HVAC Service technicians now at (346) 444-3690 to learn about what type of water acid neutralizer system will work best in your Houston, TX home.