Grinder Pump Repair and Installation

Grinder Pump Repair and Installation

When Your Grinder Pump Is Repaired, Call Us for Grinder Pump Repair! We Can Even Install New Grinder Pumps!

In some cases, the only thing that stands between your family or employees and the sewage from your home or business could be a grinder pump. When your grinder pump breaks down, your entire family could be at risk of health hazards. Our experts will ensure that your grinder pump is constantly working like it should. When you’re looking for grinder pump installation or grinder repair around the Houston, TX area, speak with our plumbing team at (346) 444-3690 to complete the job right. We are the plumbing company to call when you plumbing pump services.

What is a Grinder Pump?

Usually, your business or home’s used water flows downhill from your property to the city’s main sewer pipe. But some homes or businesses are constructed below the sewer line level and need to use a pump system to propel the used water from the home. A grinder pump works to grind your property’s waste and move it uphill to meet the city’s main sewer line. These pumps activate when they reach a fixed capacity to break up and reduce your waste matter to ensure it travels to the main pipe with no hindrance. These efficient pumps create a safe, easy to use the system for ridding your home of waste. To find out how grinder pump repair will help your Houston, TX sewer flow more efficiently, speak with our technicians. If you are interested in installing a grinder pump in your home or business, we can provide grinder pump installation.

Common Grinder Pump Problems

Grinder pumps are designed to withstand heavy wear and tear with no loss of performance. However, over time, your grinder pump system can wear out and lead to backups and other problems throughout your home or business. One problem when a clog happens is the buildup of waste and sewage in your pipes that can lead to backup in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Poorly working pumps can additionally cause debris and sewage clogs further down your pipes leading to costly, time-consuming damages. If your grinder pump has stopped working or if it’s just not grinding as it should, call the TMM HVAC Service technicians today at (346) 444-3690 for grinder pump repair throughout Houston, TX that’s quick and convenient. Because grinder pumps are such a benefit for your home or business, we can provide grinder pump installation if this is a plumbing pump you are interested in having for your property.