Thermostat Replacement Service

Thermostat Replacement, Repair, and Upgrade

At TMM HVAC Service We Offer Thermostat Replacement, Repair, and Upgrades!

Have you been experiencing serious temperature changes in your home or business? Or have the temperatures been inconsistent? Before deciding that something must be wrong with your heating system or air conditioner, the problem might be with your thermostat. The thermostat in your home and business is used to control the temperature so that you are as comfortable as possible. If you have been having issues with your HVAC system short-cycling, your thermostat not following your presets, or your HVAC system simply won’t turn on, the thermostat might need to be replaced. At TMM HVAC Service we are able to offer thermostat replacement for your Houston, TX home or business. A replacement may not be what you initially wanted, but a thermostat replacement will put an end to these issues, as well as give you better energy efficiency which can save you money. To make an appointment, call us at (346) 444-3690!

We Repair Thermostats

When our HVAC contractors come out to inspect your thermostat, they might come to find out that the thermostat just needs simple repairs. In addition to thermostat replacement service, we can also repair any type of thermostat you have. The most common problems that we see with thermostats are the HVAC system turning on too often, the temperature on the thermostat doesn’t match the temperature of the room, and your property doesn’t consistently heat or cool. These are problems that our contractors are able to handle head on and get it working the way that it should. If you are having issues cooling or heating your property or can’t get the thermostat to follow your settings, just call us for thermostat repair or thermostat replacement in Houston, TX.

Upgrade Your Thermostat Today!

Have you been looking to upgrade to a newer thermostat for your business or home? Newer thermostats are great as they have touch screens, you can set up temperatures for specific rooms, and they are more energy efficient. At TMM HVAC Service our technicians can install a new thermostat in your home or business if you are looking for an update. If you just need thermostat repair or thermostat replacement for your Houston, TX home or business’ thermostat, just call (346) 444-3690 now! We offer a wide range of HVAC parts replacement services for various parts on your AC or heating system.