Blower Motor Replacement Service

Blower Motor Replacement and Repair

If Your AC or Heating System Doesn’t Have Airflow, Call Us for Blower Motor Replacement Or Repair.

In both a heating system and air conditioner there is a component called a blower motor. The blower motor is used in the heating system to blow warm air in your home or business and blows cool air whenever the air conditioner is being used. Without the blower motor, your AC and heating system aren’t able to blow warm or cool air in your property. A blower motor usually stops working if the motor breaks or it hasn’t had the proper upkeep. If your home or business isn’t producing any airflow when the heater or AC is on, call TMM HVAC Service for blower motor replacement in Houston, TX. Our certified NATE technicians can be reached at (346) 444-3690 in order to make an appointment for this type of HVAC parts replacement service.

When Repairs Are Needed

It is important that if you own a heating system or air conditioner that you have it looked at once or twice a year. Proper maintenance is essential as it extends the life of your HVAC unit, ensures it works efficiently and can save you money on repairs. However, we know that life happens and sometimes its put on the backburner. Our technicians are able to inspect your AC or heater and find out if the blower motor is the cause of the problem. Usually when your air conditioner or the heating system won’t turn on is when you need to call us for blower motor repair. If for some reason the blower motor is too damaged, we will recommend blower motor replacement for your Houston, TX home or business’s AC or heating system.

Reliable Repairs and Replacement Service

If you are looking for affordable and reliable service for your air conditioner or heating system, look no further than TMM HVAC Service. Our HVAC contractors can repair, replace, and install any type of AC or heating system, as well as replace any AC or heating part that is defective. No matter what make or model you have, we are able to replace or repair the part that is causing you so much trouble. Call us at (346) 444-3690 in order to get blower motor repair or blower motor replacement in Houston, TX.