Gas Valve Replacement Service

If you have a gas appliance or gas heating system like a furnace, more than likely there is a gas valve. A gas valve is able to control how much gas is used, ensuring you, your home, or business are safe from gas leaks. The gas valve has four major parts, the manual valve, regulator, solenoid valve, and the pilot safety. Each part works together to produce gas flow, stop gas flow, and make sure your property is safe from gas leaks. Due to the importance of a gas valve, if there are any issues, it’s important to have them looked at right away. At TMM HVAC Service we are able to perform gas valve replacement for your Houston, TX home or business. We understand that it can be hard to pinpoint if the gas valve is the issue, which is why our NATE certified technicians are here to help. With our training and knowledge, we are able to inspect your gas furnace and diagnose the issue quickly. Get your gas furnace looked at today by calling us at (346) 444-3690.

Why Gas Valve Replacement Is Needed

Gas Valve Replacement

Let the Technicians at TMM HVAC Service Provide You with Professional Gas Valve Replacement Service.

The gas valve is important for so many reasons. It regulates the pressure the gas furnace, it controls how much gas is being used, and it is the reason you are able to safely use your gas furnace without having to worry if there is a gas leak. Because of its importance, if there are ever any issues, they will need to be addressed right away. When the gas valve isn’t working, your home or business won’t be properly heated, and the valve won’t be able to signal to the furnace that the temperature is high enough. This can be a cause for concern, as this can lead to fires or even an explosion. With our help, we can perform safe and effective gas valve replacement for your Houston, TX property.

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If you have been having inconsistent heating or other problems with your gas furnace, it’s important to call us for heating maintenance. With maintenance, we are able to inspect every part and component of your furnace. If we see that your gas valve isn’t working properly, we will advise a gas valve replacement for your Houston, TX home or business’s gas furnace. From there we will perform HVAC parts replacement service to replace the defective gas valve. Call us at (346) 444-3690 to get your gas valve replacement today.