Central Air Conditioning Repair

The A/C in your home or business is one of your most utilized components. When the unit fails, it can lead to uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe conditions. A/C breakdown is also one of the top causes of heat exhaustion in Texas. The TMM HVAC Service technicians will complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. Our professionals can repair your system at an affordable price when you contact us at (346) 444-3690 to schedule your central air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

Common Problems in Central Air Conditioners

Through time, your air conditioner can start to show signs of wear or other damages. Fortunately, certain indicators can help offer clues to the problem you have. Contact our experts at the first indication of an issue for affordable, efficient repair.

Refrigerant Problems

Central Air Conditioning Repair

We Are Able to Figure Out the Problem and Perform Professional Central Air Conditioning Repair Service.

As the most common A/C issue, this problem is easily fixed by a professional and typically includes simply recharging the refrigerant to your unit. However, sometimes, the low refrigerant is caused by leaks in your A/C lines so a pressure test should be conducted to ensure leaks aren’t the culprit.

System Failure

Component failure within your central A/C can cause system malfunction as well as low performance. When this happens, your team will help you weigh the age and condition of your unit with the price of repair vs. replacement. Whether your system needs a coil replacement or your sensor isn’t working, our experts are skilled in every type of part repair.

Drainage Clogs

Due to increased use in warmer months, your air conditioner will drain more than usual. If your drain pan or lines are clogged, it could lead to serious damage to your home or business. Our experts can make sure your lines and drain pan are clear by performing a complete evaluation.

When you need experienced central air conditioning repair in Houston, TX, call the team that can get the job done. We provide a full evaluation of your A/C system and deliver efficient solutions that are affordable and convenient. Through carefully honed relationships with local leading suppliers, we can offer you only the highest-quality materials and products for your repair. To get quality air conditioning services for your home or business that you are able to trust, call our experts at (346) 444-3690.